“Thank Goodness for Ohio Valley”

Emergency Appendectomy Patient: Mrs. Joyce Puckett

We're here to take good care of you...

A few weeks ago, I woke up with pain and cramping in my stomach. 

It continued to hurt and I became very concerned.  I decided to go to my primary care doctor, who ordered a CT scan.  It turned out that I had a “hot” appendix and it needed to come out!  I was very scared and in a lot of pain.

I was familiar with the doctors at Surgical Associates of Springfield (SAS) and thankfully, Dr. Jennifer Daniels was able to take my case.  I was so worried…my husband’s appendix had ruptured when he was a teenager and it was a terrible experience for him.  

I went straight to Ohio Valley with increasing pain and I was so nervous!  The registration staff was actually waiting for me.  When I came in, they said, “you must be Mrs. Puckett, here for your emergency appendectomy.”  They made sure that I was taken right back to get ready for surgery.

Dr. Daniels did a laparoscopic appendectomy, which means she made very tiny incisions to remove my appendix.  I stayed overnight at Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital and went home the very next day.  I was back to work in three weeks and I felt great!

Everyone at Ohio Valley kept telling me that “we’re here to take good care of you.”  And they sure did.  I had a very positive experience and I am so appreciative of everyone’s quick response, professionalism and compassion. 

Thank goodness for Ohio Valley.