Billing and Insurance

At Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital, we are here to assist you with any insurance or billing questions you may have related to your procedure.

Insurance. Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital participates in most health insurance plans. We encourage you to call our Billing Department at 937-521-3943 for a confidential consultation.  We will answer your questions regarding insurance coverage or billing.

Billing Statements:  You may receive as many as five separate bills from the following care providers:

  • Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital. A billing statement from Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital for the facility charges associated with your procedure includes charges for staff, supplies, medications and equipment.  Call our Billing Department at 937-521-3943 with your questions.
  • Surgeon's Charge. When you have a procedure at the Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital, your surgeon's office will bill for his/her professional services. If you have questions regarding your surgeon's bill, please call his or her office directly.
  • Anesthesia Charge. If you have anesthesia at our facility, you will receive a separate bill for  anesthesia services from Mercy Anesthesiologists, Inc. Please call their billing company, MEDAC, Inc. at 800-394-4445 with questions related to this statement.
  • Pathology Charge. You may receive a statement from Trillium Pathology for pathologist’s services if a biopsy was done. Please direct questions regarding your pathology statement to Trillium Pathology at 866-875-2536.
  • Radiology Charge.  You may receive a statement from Radiology, Inc. for radiologist’s services if X-Ray or Ultrasound were performed.  Please contact Radiology, Inc. at (866) 287-0568 if you have questions.

We hope that this information helps you to better understand the variety of bills and statements that you may receive after your surgery or procedure at Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital. If you have additional financial questions, please call:

Patient Focus Billing Office at (937)262-4442
  1.  To make a payment
  2.  To set up payment arrangements
  3.  For questions about your hospital account

Ohio Valley Billing Specialists at (937) 521-3943
  1.  For an estimate of your patient responsibility
  2.  For questions about your Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  3.  For questions about your Physical Therapy (PT) bill
  4.  For questions related to the in-network status of your insurance

Thank you.