Patient Safety

Patient safety is a priority at Ohio Valley. 

Consumer Reports magazine recently rated 2,463 U.S. hospitals for safe, successful surgical outcomes. We are proud to report that Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital earned the highest Consumer Reports rating in the region.  
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We encourage you to become our partner in patient safety by:

  • Washing your hands.  Learn more
  • Asking questions.
  • Providing information.
  • Reviewing information with your healthcare team.
  • Taking part in the identification process with your healthcare team prior to tests, treatments and surgery.
  • Asking a family member or friend to accompany you.  They can help understand your care.
  • Understanding your fall risk to help us keep you safe.  To avoid falling, please:
    • Ask for assistance before getting up.
    • Use your call light.
    • Sit up slowly.
    • Sit for a moment before standing.
    • Sit down to dress and pull your pants on.
    • Don’t walk in regular socks or loose shoes.
    • Wear your glasses.
    • Use your walker or cane, if needed.
    • Take your time.

Download Our Patient Safety Brochure