Sports Medicine

The Ohio Valley Sports Medicine Program provides a variety of educational programs for athletes, parents of athletes, college and high school students, educators, coaches and health care providers including:

  • Concussion Management and Ohio’s “Return to Play” Law
    The Ohio General Assembly recently passed the “Return to Play Law” designed to protect young athletes from undiagnosed or mishandled concussions.  As a community service offered by Ohio Valley, our certified ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainers educate and train athletes, parents, coaches and officials about concussion safety and awareness, as well as the implications of this law.
  • Sportsmetrics ACL Injury Prevention
    Focusing on middle to high school age students, our certified Sportsmetrics trainers work with young athletes to develop ACL strengthening and injury prevention strategies.
  • Shoulder Injury Prevention
    The Ohio Valley sports medicine professionals help high school athletes strengthen and prevent common injuries to the shoulder and elbow. This program can be tailored for baseball, softball, tennis, volleyball or swimming.
  • Pupil Activity Validation Certification
    The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) requires all individuals who supervise, direct or coach a student activity program to have a Pupil Activity Validation (PAV) certificate.  Ohio Valley’s Sports Medicine professionals offer certification training, including the proper way to assess life threatening and non-life threatening injuries, as well as basic injury management and prevention strategies. The course also covers other health and safety topics related to supervising and working with student athletes. The Ohio High School Athletic Association requires this certification for all Ohio coaches.
  • CPR Certification
    The Sports Medicine professionals at Ohio Valley provide CPR training and certification courses.
  • College Preceptorship
    The Ohio Valley Sports Medicine department provides college students with internship/externship opportunities.
  • High School Preceptorship
    The Ohio Valley Sports Medicine department provides high school students with internship/externship opportunities.

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