Patient Price Information

In compliance with state law, Ohio Valley Surgical Hospital is providing this price list for charges related to Room and Board, Operating and Procedure Rooms, Imaging, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The charges are the same for all patients, but a patient’s responsibility may vary, depending upon payment plans negotiated with individual health insurers.  These prices are correct as of November 1, 2017.

Room and Board – Per Day Charges

Routine Care $1,011
Telemetry Care $1,213



Operating Room Charges*

  Base Per Minute Charge
Endoscopy $703        $52
Pain Management $866 $113
General Operating Room $937 $77
*Listed in order of complexity    






Thirty Most Common Imaging Procedures

CT Abdomen, no contrast $936
CT Abdomen, with contrast $1,465
CT Chest, no contrast $936
CT Chest, with contrast $1,465
CT Head/Brain, no contrast $936
CT Head/Brain, with contrast $1,465
CT Pelvis, no contrast followed by with contrast $936
CT Pelvis, with contrast $1,465
Mammogram, Screening $270
MRI Brain, no contrast followed by with contrast $2,602
MRI Cervical, no contrast $1,650
MRI Cervical, no contrast followed by with contrast $2,602
MRI Lumbar Spine, no contrast $1,650
MRI Shoulder, no contrast $1,650
Ultrasound, Abdomen, Limited $472
Ultrasound, Breast $535
Ultrasound, Carotid $740
Ultrasound, Venous, Lower Extremity $472
X-ray, Abdomen, 1View $219
X-ray, Ankle, Complete, 3V, One Side $243
X-ray, Cervical Spine 4V $370
X-ray, Chest, Single View $219
X-ray, Chest, 2 Views $243
X-ray, Foot, Complete 3V, One Side $243
X-ray, Hand, 3V, One Side $219
X-ray, Hip, 2V, One Side $243
X-ray, Knee, 1V or 2V, One Side $219
X-ray, Lumbosacral Spine, 2V or 3V $219
X-ray, Pelvis, 1V or 2V $219
X-ray, Shoulder, Complete 2V, One Side $243




















Occupational Therapy

Evaluation $308
Therapeutic Exercise, 15 min. $92
Therapeutic Activity, 15 min. $92
Orthotic Management & Training, 15 min. $120
Fluidotherapy, 15 min. $92
Ultrasound, 15 min. $76

Physical Therapy

Evaluation $308
Gait Training, 15 min. $92
Therapeutic Exercise, 15 min.          $92
Therapeutic Activity, 15 min. $92
Manual Therapy, 15 min. $71
Massage, 15 min. $71

Physician Fees

Hospital charges do not include physician fees from your surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist or other physicians who may provide your care.  You will be billed separately for their services.  Please contact the physician billing offices for their charge information:

Mercy Anesthesiologists, Inc. (800) 394-4445 (Toll Free)
Trillium Pathology (866) 875-2536 (Toll Free)
Radiology, Inc. (866) 287-0568 (Toll Free)