“The Armory” Sports Performance Enhancement

Designed for individual athletes, groups or entire teams/clubs

  • Body Biometrics and Fitness Consultation: Helping competitive athletes or weekend warriors get into championship condition.
  • Speed and Agility: To help middle and high school athletes develop strength, speed, agility and strategies to prevent common running injuries. Target athletic groups- running backs, defensive backs, sprinters and basketball players.
  • Strength and Power Program: Designed for middle school and high school athletes to develop strength, power and injury prevention strategies. Particularly beneficial for athletes who are not familiar with weight training programs. Lifting basics, sets, reps and periodization programs are emphasized.
  • Runners Clinic: For athletes of all ages who are interested in running. Designed for a range of athletic experience, from completely inactive to competitive racing. Our program is tailored to the specific goals of each participant… from a 5k to 100 miles and anything in between.  Duathlete or triathlete training is available.