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New Patient Story

  • Author: Vicki (Veronica) Graham
I'm a retired nurse from Ohio Valley and had the opportunity to visit as a patient. I was still totally amazed at this facility. The whole facility was so clean and house keeping was constantly walking around wiping down areas. The hallways and prep post open areas were just as glowing..kudos to housekeeping. The staff from registration to PACU were all smiling, pleasant, eager to instruct and answer all questions even though I had few questions because of the efficiency of the care. I know from experience that a day can be challenging at times but that was never indicated from any of your staff. Anesthesia sat down to do his interview, took his time ,made sure I had no questions. Time is very important to patients...makes them feel secure . kudos to your staff!! Your PACKET was so impressive. I felt it was made to inform a "community" not just a patient . The wording was easy for people to follow and understand . Kudos to OHIO VALLEY, your management and your wonderful staff and employees. Thank you for your exceptional care .