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New Patient Story

  • Author: kelly halderman
I was scheduled for my MRI and told the scheduler I was claustrophobic and so she scheduled me accordingly in the large machine. I arrive to the facility and after I get called back I’m informed there was a scheduling error, possibly due to the fact there was an issue with one of the machines, and the scheduled was shuffled around an I was placed on the regular size machine schedule. I was so upset. The person who brought me back suggested she could see if I waited if they may be able to squeeze me on the Larger machine schedule, or move me to another day. This was NOT and option! I took off work for this and another apt I had scheduled for 3 hrs after my MRI appt. This was more then enough time for my test and to get to the other appt but no way enough time to wait to maybe be squeezed in on a schedule I had already made arrangements to be on. I had to be squeezed in this awful thing for 20min I had to breath deep and continuously pray and was on the brink of tears by the time I got out. I tried to not let it show because I was barley not having a full blown panic attack, and if I would have let my mind go there I would not have made it through the test and I had my follow up apt already set up for the next possible day I could see the doctor to hopefully get me out of pain. Long story short this was awful and your staff should not be able to just move someone off of the larger machine schedule with out at least having a conversation BEFORE they arrive to the apt. If it wasn’t for Brandon talking me through the test and his suggestions I may of had to stop the test.