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New Patient Story

  • Author: Carla Moody
Scheduler called me once a week before surgery. I show up at time indicated. They say my time was changed to 1 1/2 hours later. No one had contacted me to let me know. At first they try to put blame on me for not checking my phone/messages. Then I start telling them I only received the one call. I ask to speak to manager of scheduling. Then they own.up that the mistake is theirs. Of course, manager isn't working whole I am there. But they promise to follow up on Monday. Now we drove 45 minutes to get here. Not like I can turn around n go home. I am so mad! As if stress of surgery wasn't enough! I am so disappointed in the service I received. Who changes schedules and doesn't check that patient is notified. They had a whole week to check and call me. Call the day before, I don't care but please call and inform them. So now here I am. Suffering thru black and white tv shows, no sound, closed captioning for 3 hours. For anyone considering, I would suggest you call before your surgery to confirm the time, several times.