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New Patient Story

  • Author: Okea Taylor
I went to Dr Gallo's office twice three times Maybe and two of those three times he just took pictures of my face and eyes and expected my insurance to take that as a examination for billing them he wanted to do an eye lift on me. I decided to go to a different doctor about my eyes after the third visit and experiencing him cussing my insurance right in front of me said MF insurance. I couldn't believe what he said and proceeded to to tell me that he would get it approved and dismissed me like I was a peace of dirt keep telling me he was finished and I could leave as I stand there asking if he could answer my questions please. He seems to think he has no moral compass to be nice to you. He acts like you are beneath him. Well after the 3 visit I decided to make a call to my insurance & got the name of a wonderful Dr. Peter B. Wittstein. My support of a good & bad Dr.'s was quickly restored by this Dr. He is very thorough and it's got my eyes doing great without the surgery. I can actually see out of them he had me on steroid eye drops and eye cream for a couple of weeks and I'm still taking the steroid eye drops once today but my eyes are better Dr Gallo has no right to put doctor in front of his name he is not thorough and could care less about his patients health and eye care. Where Dr Wittstein has given me excellent care and an opportunity to see again. Check him out he's good. Very disappointed in Dr Gallo's way of handling his patients. A disappointed 62-year-old woman from an eye doctor to one eye doctor it's like seeing day and night between the two you would see the difference too if you gave him a chance.