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Overnight Stays

Some procedures may require an overnight stay in the hospital or longer.

If you’re staying with us overnight, here are some additional things you should know:

After your procedure, you will be taken to the recovery area or PACU (post-anesthesia recovery unit). You will remain in the PACU until you are transferred to an inpatient room.

All of our 2nd floor hospital rooms are private. We encourage a family member to spend the night with you; comfortable accommodations are provided in each hospital room. On the same floor, you’ll find a family waiting area with snacks and refreshments.

You will order your meals from menus prepared by a local caterer. Be sure to bring a favorite book, a list of your medications, slippers with non-slip soles, socks, robe, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, comb, lotion, or anything else you’ll need for your stay. We will provide an admission kit that includes items that you may have forgotten.