Ohio Valley Breast Center


Who We Are

The Ohio Valley Breast Center was developed by physicians, technologists and nurses to provide the region with the best in breast care.  We are the first to offer advanced breast cancer detection technology, bringing patient care to a new level. 

Our State-of-the Art Technology 

3D Mammogram

Whole Breast Ultrasound

Breast Biopsies

DXA Scan

Why 3D Mammograms? 

Ohio Valley Breast Center is the first healthcare facility in the region to offer this new technology. 3D Mammogram (Tomosynthesis) improves early breast cancer detection rates. Other benefits include: 

Improves detection in patients with dense breasts

Reduces the need for follow-up tests

Improves diagnostic exams

No additional compression is required

Why Whole Breast Ultrasound?

Ohio Valley Breast Center is also the first facility in the region to offer whole breast ultrasound. Benefits include: 

Improves early breast cancer detection in patients with dense breasts

Reduces the need for follow-up tests

Why DXA Scan?

Evaluates patients at risk for osteoporosis (brittle, fragile bones)

Provides follow-up for patients diagnosed with osteoporosis 

Calculates body composition for patient fitness programs

A Commitment to Excellent Patient Care

Beyond diagnostic services, your Ohio Valley Breast Center team is committed to providing comprehensive support and breast health education to patients and families. Our full-time Breast Care Coordinator provides personal guidance and resources, supporting and helping you “navigate” through the health care system.

Our Radiologists are Board-Certified and Sub-Specialty trained.

Our brand-new Breast Center was designed to provide a calming and inviting environment.

For your convenience, we will expedite your request to transfer previous images.  Our radiologists will compare your earlier and newest images. 

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Contact Information

140 West Main Street, 2nd Floor

Springfield, Ohio 45502

Phone: 937.240.3550

Fax: 937.521.4941