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IMPACT Joint Replacement Program

The Ohio Valley IMPACT [Individualized Management Plan Accentuating Collaborative Treatment] Joint Replacement Program is an inclusive, collaborative effort involving your Primary Care Physician, an Orthopedic Specialist, the OVSH team and OV Physical Therapy team, but most importantly, it involves YOU!

The IMPACT program was designed for patients, and their families, who are considering a total joint replacement surgery. Ohio Valley surgeons, nurses, and physical therapists developed the IMPACT Joint Replacement Program to teach patients and their caregivers how to prepare for total joint replacement surgery.

This class helps patients understand what can be expected before, during, and after their knee, hip, and shoulder joint replacement procedures. Patients gain a better understanding of the total experience before their surgery, which helps reduce anxiety, increases comfort levels, and helps patients recover as quickly as possible.

Considering joint replacement surgery?

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You have probably lived for some time with chronic joint pain and swelling. Nonsurgical treatments (medication, therapy, injections, etc.) are no longer helpful, and you and your doctor have decided to proceed with total joint replacement surgery. Most likely, you have many questions and concerns about total joint surgery. Ohio Valley is here to help.

women at IMPACTWe developed our “IMPACT Joint Replacement Program” with you in mind. It is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary education program designed to help patients like you play an active role in their health care. Our team of Orthopedic Physicians, Radiologists, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Imaging technologists, and Outpatient Testing Center staff are committed to providing you with an excellent patient experience.

Before your surgery, you and your “coach” will attend a special IMPACT Joint Replacement Class. Your coach is a family member or friend who will serve as an encourager, household helper, and supporter. This class helps prepare you and your coach what to expect before, during and after surgery, and provides you with an opportunity to ask our nurse and therapist questions. Each patient will receive an IMPACT Joint Replacement Program education manual to assist you in planning for your surgery, recovery, and rehabilitation. The IMPACT Program offers:

  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Preoperative Joint Program Educational Materials
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Post-Op Expectations:
    • Patients can expect to stay one night in our hospital.
    • Most patients are walking within hours after their surgery.
    • Our goal is for patients to discharge to home with support from their “coach.”
    • Physical Therapy is encouraged to support full joint recovery.

team at ortho meetingYour surgeon’s office or an Ohio Valley nurse navigator will help you schedule your IMPACT class and pre-admission testing. For your convenience, you may choose to do your testing on the same day as your class. IMPACT Joint Replacement classes are held weekly in the Ohio Valley Medical Building at 140 West Main Street, Springfield, OH 45502.

The Ohio Valley health care team places a very high priority on exceeding patient’s expectations and always strives to treat you and your family with dignity, kindness, and respect. We encourage your active involvement, questions, and feedback throughout your treatment.

IMPACT Joint Replacement Program Contact Information

Orthopedic Nurse Navigator: 937.717.2257

Located at 100 West Main Street, Springfield, OH 45502

Ohio Valley Pre-Admission Testing Nurses: 937.521.5972

Ohio Valley Pre-Surgical Testing Center: 937.521.4930

Located at 140 West Main Street, Springfield, OH 45502

  • Blood Work
  • EKG
  • X-Ray

Ohio Valley Physical Therapy: 937.521.4960

Located at 140 West Main Street, Springfield, OH 45502

Ohio Valley Case Manager: 937.521.4927

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