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Stephen A. Burky, MD

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As the Medical Director for the Ohio Valley Breast Center, I am joining my physician colleagues to encourage all women, starting at age 40, to get an annual screening mammogram.  Mammography is the best screening study available to detect breast cancer.  Screening mammography, physician performed breast exams and self-breast exams are all important parts of a woman’s breast health.  As a radiologist physician, my primary job is to review mammograms and other imaging tests, detecting abnormalities, like breast cancer.  Additionally, I perform diagnostic image guided breast biopsies and other procedures to aid in the treatment of breast cancer.  

Ohio Valley’s goal is to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages, when it is very treatable and survival rates are high.  We use 3D mammography (tomosynthesis) technology for every screening mammogram. 3D mammograms have been shown to have benefits when compared to 2D mammography. Most importantly, there is an increased invasive breast cancer detection rate. This advanced technology has also been shown to decrease the need to bring patients back for additional imaging after a screening mammogram.  In my opinion, 3D mammography is the gold standard for breast cancer screening.  Due to our state of the art technology, Ohio Valley is able to obtain these images with a similar radiation dose to 2D mammography.  I am proud that we perform 3D mammography for every screening mammogram at Ohio Valley. In addition to 3D mammography, Ohio Valley Breast Center also offers breast ultrasound, whole breast ultrasound, breast biopsies, nuclear medicine sentinel lymph node injections and bone density testing (DXA).

Equipment and technology are just one part of what’s special about the Ohio Valley Breast Center.  Our people make the difference.  I am pleased to be a member of an outstanding group of breast care professionals who are here for you.  Should you have a breast problem, our team works together to not just diagnose and treat you, but to care for you. The other members of the Ohio Valley Breast Center team include nurses, mammogram technologists, ultrasound technologists, general surgeons and plastic surgeons.  All of our team members provide patients with the highest quality compassionate care they need and deserve.

Ohio Valley is the only facility in Clark County that has a full-time “Breast Nurse Navigator” who guides and supports patients through the many challenges of breast cancer. Our nurses do an incredible job helping patients work through a sometimes confusing and frightening journey that can include a breast cancer diagnosis.  This helps to ease the burden on patients and their loved ones.

Our outstanding mammogram and ultrasound technologists are an integral part of our team. Working closely with the radiologists, they obtain the best images so that a diagnosis can be made.  Just as important, technologists assist the radiologists and nurses during image guided breast biopsies.

The general and plastic surgeons complete our team, providing excellent surgical services to our breast patients.  A full range of breast treatment and reconstructive surgeries are offered to patients. This includes the DIEP flap procedure, an advanced reconstructive plastic surgery.

In conclusion, remember that early breast cancer detection saves lives.  If you are a woman 40 years of age or older, please get a yearly screening mammogram.  Screening mammograms do not require a physician’s order. Please call us at the Ohio Valley Breast Center at 937-521-4940 to schedule your mammogram.

Dr. Stephen A. Burky is the Medical Director of the Ohio Valley Breast Center located at 140 West Main Street in Springfield.  He is Board Certified by the American Board of Radiology. Dr. Burky attended medical school at The Ohio State University and did his residency training at the Indiana University School of Medicine.  He attended college at the University of Dayton.